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 2006 Academy of Management Annual Meeting
  Atlanta, Georgia - August 11-16, 2006
  Knowledge, Action and the Public Concern
Thursday, 02 April 2015
News & Announcements

  • Important Changes to the Annual Meeting
Presentation Format Change: Beginning with the 2006 annual meeting in Atlanta, the Academy is moving to an all electronic presentation format. Overhead projectors will no longer be provided as part of the standard audiovisual setup.  Instead, in response to longstanding requests, each meeting room will be equipped with an LCD projector

Printed Program No Longer Mailed in Advance:  Beginning with the 2006 annual meeting in Atlanta, the Academy is no longer mailing the annual meeting printed program to all members in advance of the meeting. Instead members attending the meeting will receive the printed program when they pick up their registration materials. Registration will open on Friday, August 11, to accommodate the distribution of the printed program and badges in advance of the PDW sessions starting on Friday.  Members not attending the meeting and registrants wishing to plan their schedule in advance are invited to peruse the 2006 online program
  • Distinguished Executive Address: "Coming to Grips with Monopolies - Corporate and Public" by Joel I. Klein, Chancellor of New York City Schools, and former head of the antitrust division of the U.S. Department of Justice.  After successfully leading the federal government's antitrust prosecution of Microsoft and other corporate monopolies, Chancellor Klein shares his perspectives on management innovation as a major engine of reform for the largest educational monopoly in the U.S.

In 2006, the Academy of Management will hold its 66th annual meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. We once again invite management scholars from around the globe to convene, consort and attend.  Like every Academy meeting, there will be excellent conversation, good friends and, of course, good cheer.  Simultaneously, we gather to celebrate what we do best, namely, advancing management research while solving real-world problems.  

This year’s theme, Knowledge, Action and The Public Concern, explores the linkages among organizational knowledge, managerial action and the major issues that face people in the global and knowledge economy. 

  • First, we want to push the bounds of our current theories and research. 
  • Second, we want to highlight the concrete action-implications from our evidence-based knowledge. 
  • Third and perhaps most important, we want to focus our evidence-based and actionable knowledge on the great questions of the day. 

At the 2006 AOM meetings in Atlanta, please join your friends and colleagues from around the world and engage in the discussion involving the interplay of Knowledge, Action and the Public Concern.  In the words of the world famous, Professor Albus Dumbledore, “It is our choices, Harry, that show what we really are ….”
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The Academy of Management extends special appreciation to all of the 2006 Annual Meeting sponsors.

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