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January 2016 

Board of Governors Approve Amendments to the Bylaws

The Bylaws is one of four governing documents that guide the Academy of Management’s direction, its structure and operation, and the philosophies by which its members carry out their professional responsibilities. Proposals for changes to the Bylaws may come from two sources: the Board of Governors and the membership.

In response to recommendations from the Trademark Governance Task Force, and as part of the Academy’s continuous governance improvement activities, amendments to Article IV were considered at the December 2015 meeting of the Board of Governors.  The amendments are intended to better articulate and define the important governance relationship between the Board of Governors and the Divisions and Interest Groups, and to bring the Bylaws up to date by codifying long-standing AOM practices. Importantly, these amendments represent and reinforce what is currently accepted practice or what is currently documented in existing Procedure/Policy-related manuals. Moreover, these amendments serve to strengthen protection of the AOM brand for all members.

The Board of Governors voted to approve the proposed amendments to Article IV of the Academy of Management’s Bylaws on December 5, 2015.   Approved amendments will go into effect on March 15, 2016.

For additional information about the Academy of Management’s Bylaws or the recently approved amendments to Article IV, please contact the governance team.

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