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Stephanie C. Henagan

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Stephanie C. Henagan
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
Academic Member
Since 2000

"An AOM membership is not just valuable to doctoral students, it is invaluable. Without it, a student only has relationships and influences from within his or her own university and does not have the opportunity to benefit from the vast array of resources available through the AOM.

As a student, I was able to get involved right away by reviewing papers, which gave me insight into the most current research topics and at the same time gave me perspective from the other side of the submission process. This can only help to strengthen a student's ability to write manuscripts that will ultimately end up being successful. Submitting my course manuscripts gave me practice with the review process and helpful feedback for furthering those papers for later publication. I also grew tremendously as a professional through my membership, having access to resources, relationships, and communications necessary for a career in academia. Building a network, participating in professional development workshops, volunteering on committees, reviewing papers, and utilizing placement services are all experiences that contributed to me being able to grow and develop and ultimately be successful at securing a job. My AOM membership was also a key factor in my being able to achieve tenure - I had a solid foundation of the tools, relationships, and skills necessary to carry me through the tenure track."

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